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Justin Perry, PhD, MA

Giulia Zago, PhD

Alissa Trzeciak, PhD

Waleska Rojas, MSc

Principal Investigator

PhD - WUSTL, Immunology

E: PerryJ at mskcc.org

Lab Manager

MSc - Universidad de Chile

E: SaitzRoW at mskcc.org

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD - Institut Curie

E: ZagoG at mskcc.org

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD - U. of Rochester
E: TrzeciaA at mskcc.org

Ya-Ting (Emma) Wang, PhD

Nadine Hernandez

Pedro Saavedra, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD - National Taiwan University

E: WangY11 at mskcc.org

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD - VIB - UGent

E: SaavedrP at mskcc.org

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 646-888-3796
E: HernanN1 at mskcc.org


Zhaoquan (Shasha) Wang

Graduate Student

Undergrad: Johns Hopkins U

E: zhw4002 at med.cornell.edu



The Perry Laboratory



Molecules Bio
Medina Nature paper.png

Metabolites released from apoptotic cells act as tissue messengers

Nature, 2020


The Perry Lab

The Perry Lab is a recipient of a Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy Career Development Award 


The Perry Lab

Sloan Kettering Institute

1275 York Avenue, 15N
New York, NY 10065

perryj at mskcc.org

Tel: 646-888-3796

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